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Machine Learning (Python)

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Language: English

Instructors: Nandhini S

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Why this course?



Machine Learning is gaining Momentum in this era of Data. This 30 Days Program on Machine Learning will provide the learners with all the concepts of ML in depth.  Live in Projects will help you understand the concepts in detail. Curriculum has been designed suitably to provide insights into each and every application of ML . Detailed analysis of ML Algorithms will provide a better understanding on Machine Learning Implementation.


✅Recorded videos ,Online support through forums 
✅All Video access for 3 Months
✅Download all source code
✅Course Completion Certificate
✅10+ Projects


✅ Day1 Introduction to ML And AI

✅Day2 Python code in google colab,Jupyter notebook

Supervised Learning – Classification and Regression

✅Day3 Liver disease Prediction (Logistic Regression)

✅Day4 Crime Analysis (KNN Algorithm)

✅Day5 Classifying muffins and cupcakes (SVM Algorithm)

✅Day6 Fake news detection (Naïve Baye’s)

✅Day7 Android malware (Decision tree)

✅Day8 Credit_card Fraud detection (Random Forest)

✅Day9 Evaluating the classification model – Confusion matrix , Calculating the accuracy score.

✅Day10 Classification model selection For Breast Cancer Classification.

✅Day11 Employee Salary Prediction (Linear Regression Single Variable)

✅Day12 Advertisement and Sales Prediction (Multiple Linear Regression)

✅Day13 Generating Data points based on some equation Polynomial Regression

✅Day14 Student marks prediction (Support Vector Regression.)

✅Day15 Ice – Cream shop revenue prediction from temperature Decision Tree Regression.

✅Day16 Agriculture Price Prediction - (Random Forest Algorithm)

✅Day17 Evaluating the performance of my regression model – Root mean square error and R2 score.

✅Day18 Regression Model selection for sales forecasting.

Unsupervised Learning – Clustering

✅Day19 Crime Pattern Analysis (K-Means Clustering)

✅Day20 Customer Spending Analysis (Hierarchical Clustering)

✅Day21 Flower Species Data Visualization

✅Day22 Image Compression Using SVD(Singular Value Decomposition)

Unsupervised Learning – Association

✅Day23 Market Basket Analysis (APRIARI)

✅Day24 Market Basket Optimization / Analysis (ECLAT)

Reinforcement Learning

✅Day25 Web Ads click through rate optimization (Upper Bound Confidence)

Natural Language Processing

✅Day26 Hate Speech Detection (NLTK)

✅Day27 Loan Prediction Problem (XGBoost)

Deep Learning

✅Day28 Movie Review Classification (RNN)

✅Day29 Digits Classification (CNN)

✅Day30 AI – Cart Pole (Reinforcement Learning)


Course Curriculum

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