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ReactJS Advanced

Language: ENGLISH

Instructors: Nandhini S

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Why this course?


ReactJS is a front-end Javascript library for building User Interfaces based on components. This course will help you learn the fundamentals of ReactJS, VSCode fundamentals, and different types of applications that can be built using ReactJS. It will also help you master various ReactJS concepts with practical examples for each of them which will help aspiring people who want to start their career in ReactJS.


Total Duration: 4 Hrs       Modules: 2              Assignments: 2

Capstone Project: 1

Related Tags: ReactJS, javascript, HTML, CSS

Module 1: VSCode, ReactJS Concepts

Module 2: HTML, CSS, ReactJS Applications


Module 1: VSCode, ReactJS Concepts(2 Hrs)

Lesson 1: VSCode fundamentals, ReactJS (1 Hr) VSCode – Fundamentals – Introduction – React Introduction – Installation – Create – React – App – React Features – Pros and Cons – ReactJS Vs AngularJS – ReactJS Vs ReactNative – React JSX – React Components.

Assignment 1: Coin Flipping App Using ReactJS

Lesson 2: React Concepts(1.5 Hrs)

React State – React Props – React Props Validation – React State Vs React Props – React Constructor – React Component API – Component Life Cycle –

React Forms – Controlled Vs UnControlled – React Events – Conditional Rendering – React Lists – React Keys – React Refs – React Fragments – React Router – React CSS – React Animation – React Table – React Context – React Hooks – React Flux Concept – React Flux Vs MVC – React Redux.

Assignment 2: Dice Rolling App Using ReactJS

Module 2: HTML, CSS, ReactJS Applications 

Lesson 3: HTML , CSS(30 minutes):

HTML – Tags, Attributes, Image, Anchor, Form Tags - CSS – Introduction, Internal CSS, External CSS, Background, Fonts.

Assignment 3: Create a music store web page using HTML and CSS.

Lesson 4: ReactJS Applications(1 Hr):

Chat Application – Tour Application – Weather App – E-Commerce Site – Burger Creation App.

Assignment 4: Guess the number with react.

Capstone Project: 1


  • Quiz App using ReactJS
  • React Cryptocurrency Application

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