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JavaScript for Beginners

Language: ENGLISH

Instructors: Nandhini

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Why this course?


It is a scripting language which allows us to implement some dynamic features on web pages that cannot be done with only HTML and CSS.
This course will help you master various Javascript concepts like Decision Making Statements , Looping Statements , functions , Page Redirects and implement the same in different examples. This course will help you to build some real-time applications using Javascript which will help you to find a career in Javascript.

Total Duration: 4 Hrs       Modules : 2              Assignments : 2
Capstone Project : 1
Related Tags: javascript , html , css.

Module 1: Javascript Introduction, Basic Concepts(2 Hrs)
Module 2: Javascript Objects , Applications(2 Hrs)

Module 1: Javascript Introduction, Basic Concepts(2 Hrs)

 Lesson 1: Javascript Introduction(1 Hr)
Overview – Syntax – Placement – Variables – Operators – If…Else – Switch Case – Looping Statements
Assignment 1: Pairs Game
Lesson 2: Javascript – Basic Concepts(1 Hr)
Javascript – Functions – Events – Cookies – Page Redirect – Dialog Boxes – Void Keyword – Page Printing
Assignment 2: RGB Color Game

Module 2: Javascript Objects , Applications(2 Hrs)

Lesson 3: Javascript Objects (1 Hr)
Javascript – Objects – Number – Boolean – Strings – Arrays – Date – Math 
Assignment 3: Tip Calculator
Lesson 4: Javascript – Applications(1 Hr)
Applications Using Javascript

Assignment 4 : Happy Bouncing Balls

Capstone Project : 1

Guess the Number Game
Whack -a -mole-game

Course Curriculum

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