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Why this course?


This course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of web application  testing using selenium with java, Selenium is an open-source test automation framework used for automating web browsers'. The course consists of fourteen modules. You will learn the basic to advance of  how to Test a  web application using Selenium, starting with the How to launch a browser, Webdriver methods, and webelement methods,How to find a Elements Navigation commands, select class,Action class,Alert,Window handling ,Frame handling, how to take screenshot, waits, how to download and upload files using selenium  and ,how to find broken linkes 

Total Duration: 6:17  Hrs | Modules: 14

Related Tags : JAVA, Selenium, Automation Testing ,Selenium Testing, web application testing

Module 1:  Introduction of selenium 

  • Introduction of Automation Testing  
  • What is selenium 
  • Browser Launching

Module 2: Webdriver Methods

  • What is  Webdriver
  • Types of webdriver methods 
  • Use of webdriver methods


Module 3: Webelement methods

  • What is Webelement methods
  • Types of Webelement methods
  • Use of Webelement methods

Module 4: How to find a elements 

  • How to find a Elements 
  • Types of methods to find a Elements 
  • Locators

Module 5: Navigation commands &  check box and Radio buttons

  • Types of Navigation commands
  • What is check box
  • What is Radio button

Module 6:Select class

  • What is select class
  • Select class methods
  • use of select class

Module 7: Action class

  • What is Action class
  • Action class methos
  • use of Action class

Module 8: Alerts

  • What is Alerts
  • Types of alerts 
  • How to handle alerts


Module 9:Window handling

  • What is window handiling
  • How to handle multiple window using selenium

Module 10:Frame Handling

  • What is frame
  • How to handle frames using selenium

Module 11:Screenshot

  • How to take screenshot using selenium
  • How to handle frames

Module 12:wait

  • What is waits
  • Types of waits 
  • How to use waits in selenium

Module 13:Download and upload

  • How to download the files using selenium
  • How to upload the files using selenium

Module 13:Download and upload

  • How to download the files using selenium
  • How to upload the files using selenium

Module 14:broken Linkes

  • What is broken link
  • How to find broken linkes


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