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ReactJS Basic

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Language: English

Instructors: Divanjali R

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                                                         ReactJS Basic




A "ReactJS Basic Course" is an introductory learning resource designed to teach beginners the fundamentals of React, a popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. React is widely used in web development to create interactive and dynamic web applications. This course provides a structured and accessible approach for individuals who are new to React and want to learn how to build modern web applications.



ReactJS, or React, is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. it employs a component-based architecture, enabling developers to create modular and reusable UI elements. React's virtual DOM optimizes rendering efficiency, JSX syntax simplifies component structure, and it follows a unidirectional data flow for predictable state management. With a focus on declarative syntax and efficient updates, React is widely used for building dynamic and responsive web applications, especially in single-page application development.



Key components and topics typically covered in a ReactJS Basic Course include:

Introduction to React: An overview of what React is, its importance in the web development ecosystem, and how it differs from traditional JavaScript.

Setting Up the Development Environment: Guidance on setting up the necessary development tools and environment, including VS code editors and Node.js, to begin working with React.

Basic React Concepts: Explaining core concepts such as components, JSX (JavaScript XML), and the Virtual DOM, which are fundamental to React development.

JSX (JavaScript XML):

Props: Understanding how to pass data and properties between components using props.

State: Introducing the concept of state in React and how it enables dynamic and interactive user interfaces.

Handling Events: Explaining how to handle user interactions and events within React components.

Styling in React: Options for styling React components, including CSS-in-JS, styled components, and CSS modules.

Introduction to Hooks: Exploring React Hooks, which provide a way to manage state and side effects in functional components.

Best Practices and Patterns: Covering best practices for organizing and structuring React applications to maintain code quality and scalability.

Building a Small Project: A practical exercise or mini-project that allows students to apply what they've learned and build a simple React application.

Debugging and Troubleshooting: Guidance on common debugging techniques to identify and resolve issues in React applications.

Modules of ReactJS Basic:        

Modules: Web Development & Industry Requirements





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