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NumPy Basic (Tamil)

Language: Tamil


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Why this course?


 This module covers the fundamentals of NumPy, including creating, indexing, slicing, and reshaping arrays, and working with different data types. Then moving into array manipulation using mathematical operations, numpy's zeros, ones, full, and range functions, as well as generating random numbers.

Numpy Module

  1. NumPy Intro
  2. NumPy Creating Arrays
  3. NumPy Array Indexing
  4. NumPy Array Slicing
  5. NumPy Data Types
  6. NumPy Copy vs View
  7. NumPy Array Shape
  8. NumPy Array Reshape
  9. NumPy Array Iterating
  10. NumPy Array Join
  11. NumPy Array Split
  12. NumPy Array Search
  13. NumPy Array Sort
  14. NumPy Array Filter
  15. Numpy zeros, ones, full
  16. Numpy range
  17. Mathematical manipulations 
  18. Numpy random

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