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IOT Using NodeMCU Basic

Language: ENGLISH

Instructors: Indhira N G

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Why this course?


You are learning IOT with NodeMCU from scratch, and you don’t know where to start? Or… you already have a NodeMCU board but you feel stuck? At the end of this complete course, you will have a strong NodeMCU foundation, and you will be able to start any custom IOT project you want. I will take you from a complete beginner - starting from scratch - to a confident IOT Maker. And to get started with the course, NO need to know anything about NodeMCU, hardware, IOT, or engineering. I will teach you everything, step by step, starting from zero.

What You will learn

  • Understanding of IOT(internet of things)
  •  Use of IOT in real world
  • Understand what is the NodeMCU
  • How to get start with NodeMCU
  • Introduction to ESP32 and installation process
  • Setup and optimize the Arduino IDE, write, compile and upload sketches, install libraries
  • Also learn about ADC,I2C,UART,SPI,PWM
  • Work with web server, sensor and communication devices


Duration - 5 hrs


  • What is IOT?
  • Why do we need IOT?
  • Benefits of IOT
  • Features of IOT
  • IOT Architecture
  • Applications of IOT

Module 2 - Overview of Node MCU  

  • Introduction to NodeMCU
  • ESP32
    •  Introduction
    • Specifications
    • Difference between ESP32 and ESP8266
    • Different ways to Program
  • NodeMCU Development Kit/Board
    •  Board Definition
    • Pin Description
  • Installation and Getting Started with ESP32 using Arduino IDE
  • Interfacing LED and Push Button with ESP32

Module 3 - Communication Protocol

  • Initializing UART Communication between Arduino & ESP32
  • Initializing SPI Communication with ESP32
  • Reading ADC value of Analogy  temperature sensor with I2C LCD

Module 4 - Sensor Interface

  •  Smart street light using LDR & IR sensor with Esp32  
  • Controlling the light intensity using PWM
  • Using ultrasonic sensor to measure the distance and displaying the value in LCD display
  • Interfacing DHT11 with ESP32

Module 5 - ESP32-IOT

  •  Bluetooth Interface with ESP32
  • ESP32 DHT11 Interfacing with Thing Speak Webserver


Course Curriculum

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