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Internship on Matlab Simulink

Language: English

Instructors: Malaiyappan M

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Why this course?



This Program will provide the learners with a complete insight into the MATLAB Simulink Programming for design of Converters & Inverters.  Inverter Designs , Converter Designs , MPPT , Converters & Speed Control Applications using Simulink Design. A Apprehensive Program for learners from Scratch to Advanced Programmers.

What You will Get?

✅Recorded videos ,Online support through forums 
✅All Video access for 3 Months
✅Download all source code
✅Internship E-Certificate
✅10+ Projects


  • Day 2  Single/Three Phase Rectifier using MATLAB
  • Day 3  Single/Three Phase AC Voltage Controller using MATLAB
  • Day 4  DC-DC Converter using MATLAB
  • Day 5  Inverter Design using MATLAB
  • Day 6  Grid Tie Inverter Design using MATLAB
  • Day 7  Matrix Converter using MATLAB
  • Day 8  Multi Level Inverter Design using MATLAB SIMULINK
  • Day 9  Active Power Filter Design using MATLAB SIMULINK
  • Day 10 Battery Charger design using MATLAB SIMULINK
  • Day 11 Speed Control of DC Motor Using Chopper
  • Day 12 Simulink Based Speed Control of Induction Motor Using VSI Fed Inverter
  • Day 13 Simulink Based Speed Control of BLDC Motor Using Chopper
  • Day 14 Simulink Based Speed Control of PMSM Motor Using Chopper
  • Day 15 MPPT Controller for Solar PV Application
  • Day 16 Gate Driver Design for IGBT /MOSFET
  • Day 17 AD/DC Current/Voltage/Speed Measurement Circuit Design
  • Day 18 Inductor/Transformer/High Frequency Transformer Design
  • Day 19 Arduino Programming using MATLAB
  • Day 20 Buck/Boost Converter Design Procedure with Arduino
  • Day 21 Wind Energy Power System Design
  • Day 22 Smart Energy Meter System Design using Ardino
  • Day 23 Three Phase Induction Motor Fault Diagnosis
  • Day 24 TI DSP Programming using MATLAB
  • Day 25 SMPS Design Calculations and Fabrication
  • Day 26 Electric Vehicle Design using MATLAB
  • Day 27 Introduction to Facts Devices
  • Day 28 Fuzzy Logic Controller based MPPT CHARGE CONTROLLER
  • Day 29 Vector controlled Induction Motor using Simulink
  • Day 30 Hardware design for Arduino based Speed Control of Induction Motor

Course Curriculum

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