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Internship on Python Full Stack

Language: ENGLISH

Instructors: Nandhini S

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Why this course?


If you are a Python programmer and want to become a full-stack Python developer this is right platform to learn python full stack developer. You can avail

Python Full Stack – Master Class Agenda



Days                                 Projects                       Algorithm/Method

  1. Python Programming - Fundamentals
  2. Python – Tools | Syntaxes and Data Structures

                          HTML, Django

  1. HTML Basic, Elements, Attributes, Headings
  2. HTML Paragraphs, Styles, Formatting, Comments
  3. HTML – Colors, CSS, links, images, tables
  4.         HTML – Forms, Form Attributes, Form Elements
  5.                                 HTML – Input Types, Input Attributes, Input Form Attributes
  6. Django – Installation, Project, Virtual Environment Setup
  7.                          Admin Interface, Django App, MVT
  8. Django model, view, Template
  9.  URL Mapping, Static files handling, Model Forms, Django Forms
  10. Form Validation, File upload, Database Connectivity, Database Migrations
  11. Django Middleware, Request and Response, Django Exceptions
  12.  Django Session, Django cookie, Django CSV Output



Course Curriculum

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