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Internship on Artificial Intelligence (python)

Language: ENGLISH

Instructors: Jishnu R

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Why this course?



This 30 Days program on Artificial Intelligence provides you with the complete A - Z Concepts of AI  . Based on Python , this comprehensive program will provide the learners with the Ultimate Experience on Python , Algorithms , Imaging , AI Concepts and more than 10+ Project Explanations . 


✅Recorded videos ,Online support through forums 
✅All Video access for 3 Months
✅Download all source code
✅3 Internship E-Certificate
✅10+ Projects


  • Day 1 Introduction to AI
  • Day 2 Why python for AI?
  • Day 3 Introduction to computer vision and its application
  • Day 4 Image & video processing using Computervision
  • Day 5 Color tracking using OpenCV
  • Day 6 Face counting Using OpenCV
  • Day 7 Edge detection using OpenCV
  • Day 8 Region of Interest using OpenCV
  • Day 9 Lane detection using OpenCV
  • Day 10 Fire detection using OpenCV
  • Day 11 Gesture detection using Sklearn and OpenCV
  • Day 12 Digital art using OpenCV
  • Day 13 Mouse control using gesture
  • Day 14 Drowsiness detection using eye aspect ratio
  • Day 15 Headpose detection using ML
  • Day 16 Object recognition using DNN and Tensorflow
  • Day 17 Vehicle speed estimation using DNN
  • Day 18 Emotion recognition using deep learning
  • Day 19 Traffic sign recognition using deep learning
  • Day 20 Social distance monitoring using deep learning
  • Day 21 Optical Character Recognition
  • Day 22 Speech recognition and text to speech conversion
  • Day 23 Speech emotion recognition using deep learning
  • Day 24 Introduction to NLP and its applications
  • Day 25 Tokenizing using nltk
  • Day 26 What is stemming in NLP?
  • Day 27 Purpose of lemmatizing
  • Day 28 About chunking and its functions
  • Day 29 Intro to NLP using AWS
  • Day 30 Working with AI in Azure

Course Curriculum

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