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Internship on IOT

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Language: English

Instructors: Jishnu R

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Why this course?



IoT - Internet of Things is widely used nowadays. Its a mark of the newa age era. Connecting Controllers , Sensors to the Controllers , Data from Sensors to the Cloud , Manipulation of Data for specific applications make the IoT intresting and a much adored program during the times. This IoT Program will provide the learners with an extensive outreach to learn and adept to the concept of IoT with ease


✅Recorded videos ,Online support through forums 
✅All Video access for 3 Months
✅Download all source code
✅Internship E-Certificate
✅10+ Projects


✔️Day -1 : Introduction to IoT & the Protocols

✔️Day -2: Fundamentals of Arduino, Programming & Interfacing

✔️Day -3: Working with Digital sensors – Speed Sensor, DHT11, Contactless Temperature Sensor.

✔️Day -4: Interfacing Analog Sensors using MCP3008 – LDR, Gas, Mems.

✔️Day -5: Data Monitoring using Thing Speak & Arduino

✔️Day -6: Integrating Arduino with AWS Cloud

✔️Day -7: Real time application using Blynk App

✔️Day -8: Webpage Monitoring using Arduino & HTML

✔️Day -9: Data logging to Microsoft Azure cloud using Arduino

✔️Day -10: Interfacing Arduino with Arduino Cloud

✔️Day -11: Home Automation using MQTT Protocol

✔️Day -12: Automatic mail Alert using SMTP Protocol

✔️Day -13: Recording sensor data to google sheet using IFTTT with Arduino

✔️Day -14: Monitoring sensor data using UBIDOTS with Arduino

✔️Day -15: Home automation using Google Assistant

✔️Day -16: Device Communication using UDP & TCP Protocol

✔️Day -17: Raspberry Pi Overview & Python Programming

✔️Day -18: Working with Digital Sensors – Spo2 & Pressure Sensor

✔️Day -19: Interfacing Analog sensors using MCP3008 – Flame Sensor, Level Sensor & Moisture Sensor.

✔️Day -20: API integration with Thing Speak using Raspberry Pi

✔️Day -21: Data transmission from Raspberry Pi to AWS Cloud

✔️Day -22: Real time Application using Blynk App

✔️Day -23: Robot Control through Webpage using PHP

✔️Day -24: Logging sensor data to Microsoft Azure

✔️Day -25: Home Automation using MQTT & Mail alert using SMTP

✔️Day -26: Creating webpage using flask with Raspberry Pi

✔️Day -27: Logging Sensor Data to Google sheet using Raspberry Pi

✔️Day -28: Working with Sensor data & UBIDOT with Raspberry Pi

✔️Day -29: Integrating Alexa with Raspberry Pi

✔️Day -30: Working with Augment Reality & IoT using Raspberry Pi

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