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Image Processing using MATLAB (NM)

Language: English

Instructors: Jishnu R

Validity Period: 90 days

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Why this course?


About the Program:

Image Processing using MATLAB is a complete program with records sessions, Presentations, and Code which helps the learners to equip themselves periodically over time on MATLAB Programming. Designed suitably with the inputs from the Industrial Standards, this program on Image Processing deals with the complete A- Z of MATLAB based on Imaging Concepts.

Course objectives:

- Develop an understanding of digital imaging fundamentals.
- Learn about various image enhancement techniques in both the Spatial and Frequency domains.
- Gain knowledge of degradation and advanced restoration techniques.
- Learn image segmentation and useful representation techniques.
- Become familiar with image compression and recognition methods.

Course objectives:

✦ In Unit I: Focus on digital image fundamentals such as image representation, acquisition, and color image fundamentals.

✦ In Unit II: Explore image enhancement themes consisting of Histogram processing, Spatial domain techniques (the basics of smoothing and sharpening spatial filtering), and Frequency domain illumination in Fourier Transform applying filters.

✦ In Unit III: Examine image restoration which includes degradation model, properties, and noise models. Participate in advanced filtering techniques, such as mean and adaptive filters, band-pass, band-reject, notch filters and Optimum Notch Filtering, inverse and Wiener filtering.

✦ In Unit IV: Study image segmentation – pixel neighborhood, thresholding, morphological segmentations, level set methods - specifically detect edges, and splits and find - suitable image regions.

✦ In Unit V: Include Compression challenges, lossless methods, transform coding, coding of wavelets, scalar and vector quantization. Learn in detail many recognition algorithms including principal component analysis, weak classifiers, and deep learning amalgamation approaches.

 Assignment Projects:

🔖 Project I - Image Haze Removal using MATLAB

🔖 Project  II - Currency Detection using MATLAB

What will You Get?

✅Recorded videos and online support through forums
✅All Video access
✅Download all source code


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