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Arduino Basic

Language: English

Instructors: Indhira N G

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Why this course?


Embedded systems introduce you to the amazing world of automation and its fascinating applications. Participants will learn to use embedded systems. In this course, you will get to know the Introduction to embedded systems, Introduction to Arduino, Interfacing GPIO, Sensors and motors. You will acquire all the necessary skills that you need to gain to become an embedded system engineer and also participants will learn to use an embedded system.

What do you learn in this beginner course?

Module 1: Introduction to Embedded System

Module 2:  Introduction to Arduino

Module 3: GPIO Interface

Module 4: Motors and Sensors Interface

Module 5: Communication Protocols


SESSION TOPICS Embedded Systems


a.         What are ES?

b.         Examples of ES

c.         Main components of ES

d.        Characteristics of ES

e.         Basic structure of an ES

f.          Advantages and disadvantages of ES


a.         What is Microprocessor

b.         What is Microcontroller

c.         Microprocessor & Microcontroller


a.         Harvard Architecture & Von Neumann Architecture

4.           CISC & RISC


1.         Introduction to Arduino

a.         What is Arduino?

b.         Applications

c.         Features

2.         Arduino Boards

a.         Types of Boards

3.         Arduino UNO

a.         Board Description

b.         Pin Description

c.         Features

4.         Installation Process

a.         How to Install Arduino IDE?

5.         Arduino IDE

a.         Explanation about Software

6.         Arduino Coding Basics

3          1 hr 13 mins

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